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Objects Of Art

Antiques are enjoyed in museums across the country or passed-on between people who appreciate the legacy and rich history each piece carries. All pieces are representative of a mileau, a moment in time where it held a specific function, as an object of utility or ritual. All products featured in this collection reveal history. We humans live on in what we leave behind…


A Marvel and the epitome of exceptionalism in weaving, is the Jamavar. From conception to execution, the genius is revealed in complexity of design, symmetry of structure, fluidity of form and play of color. Made for Kings, it could take a decade to weave. Those minds and hands that once toiled to create every inch of magnificence were lost in Time leaving behind their creations. These treasures are offered in a rare collection here. Browse and enjoy!


A mesmerizing vortex of intricate motifs, perfectly balanced patterns, earthy textures and clashing yet harmonious colours create visual delights- with a basic needle and threads! This collection has collector’s pieces. These are exceptional, unique and one of a kind. Browse to appreciate the wonder for fine craft.


Beauty lives within the human soul, its conceptualization takes place in the mind and its expression springs forth in the form of design, structure and form in every man-made object each influencing the next mind and the next work of art or craft. Influences, Persian, French, Dutch, British Colonial and Princely Indian are to be seen in Vintage Collectibles that were imported into India or for Kings and are now a part of its rich legacy. History leaves its imprints…