Antiques are enjoyed in museums across the country or passed-on between people who appreciate the legacy and rich history each piece carries. All pieces are representative of a mileau, a moment in time where it held a specific function, as an object of utility or ritual. All products featured in this collection reveal history. We humans live on in what we leave behind…

The Gehna Collection

The jewelry of India as as ancient as its civilization. The paintings in the Ajanta caves and ruins at Sanchi and Amaravati showcase exquisitely the magnificence of this craft. The influences from Persia and neighboring cultures contributed further to beauty of Indian Jewelry. The Gehna Collection features traditional pieces in their purist form. done..

Luxury Shawls and Drapes

Luxury for visual and personal delight manifests itself in the Himalayan Shawl. The Pashmina shawl is spun from the hair of the Ibex found in the highlands of Ladakh, at 14,000 ft. The Shahtoosh, is the most prized, being sourced from strands of downy hair from the throat of the Tibetan antelope of Ladakh. This hair collected by nomads is woven in the Valley into Shatoosh.The Jamavaar is in the Ivy League for Shawls because its fine embroidery is, as if a woven tapestry.

Premium Carpets

Originating in Persia, the carpets from Kashmir are epitomes of grace, elegance, quality and that elusive, priceless, gift of civilization known as “heritage”. Owning a Kashmiri Carpet has long been the hallmark of luxury and taste. An investment that grows in value and in beauty with the passage of time. All carpets are handmade or machine made. However, only these legends carry within each, knotted into every warp and weft, by expert hands, the tales of the one Paradise on Earth, Kashmir.