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Herbs and Spices

India has a spice for every ritual, situation and emotion. From personal cleansing rituals to medicinal unctions and ceremonial welcomes spices have flavoured Indian society well beyond their celebrated place in the kitchens!

Whole and Ground Spices and herbs offer aroma, flavor, color and precious memories of ancestral homes, grandmas and times shared with family. Saffron from Kashmir and Black Pepper from Coorg, the Raja Mitchi from Manipur and the Kokum from Kerala, among all other spices, evoke that deep longing for the traditional foods that "simply cannot be" without that chief ingredient. Find what your traditional recipe calls for here..Its all about Indian Spices.

Teas and Coffees

Butter-Salt Tea from Ladakh, Moghul Chai from the Valley of Srinagar, Adhrak Masala Chai from Delhi-Punjab Highway, Fresh-ground "Kaapi" from the Deccan and multiple different teas, of cholocate, vanilla, rose and pepper from Assam through to the Nilgiris.

There a tea and a coffee at hand for all varieties of the complex Indian- strong-minded, faint-hearted, forlorn romantic, argumentative and most humble and gently persuasive! Freshly picked and packaged with care. Sample a bit of each while you celebrate, "The Indian Affair!

Confectionary & Savoury

Saawan calls for Puranpoli, Durga Puja for Sandesh; Eid calls for Sewaiyan Mix and Christmas for Plum Cake!

There's an excuse for something sweet or spicy at every turn of the day. We call it the Eternal Indian Affair. Snacks before, after and between meals; Snacks for the rain and cold, for the playing children and the home-bound old.

Mithai from the Halwai and Papri Chaat from the Square…all integral to the good Old Indian Affair! Browse, Sample, Devour. Leave no flavour unexplored.


When Indian's visited abroad the favoured return-gifts were always Imported Chocolates.

India now takes pride in being one of the fastest growing chocolate producers and consumers in the world. True to the Indian palatte these are now being made with nuts, herbs and even spices and chillies. Dark chocolates are not only delicious but it is also recommended by doctors for its natural health benefits as they are loaded with rich number of antioxidants.

Artisan Chocolates and Ooty chocolates from the Nilgiris have made a name for themselves. They come in White and Dark, featuring nuts, raisins or fruit peels and aromatics. Just delightfully pleasurable!

Speciality Foods

In the Great Indian Melting Pots, we come from far-away, distant Mountain-regions, Deserts and plains, into the cities, to build new lives that hold promise. We give our best while we miss our roots and our distinct cultures.

We miss our food. The Speciality Foods are from the Kashmir, the North-Eastern States of Nagaland and Assam, Goa and so on..As you crave, so we include the farmers and providers to bring unique foods directly to your door. Feel at home, anywhere you go!

Dry Fruits

India is uniquely blessed in that its tropical climate provides an abundance of fresh and dried fruits. Kagazhi or Paper-like Walnuts, Sweet Almonds, Dried Figs and Apricots from the Himalayan Valleys and Raisins of Golden and Dark hues from warmer plains. These are all sourced from the growers and can be ordered in large quantities with wonderful packaging for Weddings, Festivals or other Celebrations!