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Dating back to the Indus Valley C 3000 BC, Indian architecture includes the Maha-Janapada period C 600 BC to 300 AD, the Middle-Ages Kalinga, Dravidian, Chalukyas, the Middle-Ages, Hoysala and Vijayanagara, the Moghul Era through the Colonial, French, Dutch, Portugese, leading unto Modern India. It represents the living history of India through all ages in all its glory and sublime beauty.


India expresses itself unihibitedly from the Himalayan Mountains to the Coastal Plains. Festivals bring-in the Seasons, welcome rains, bid adieu to Winters, celebrate harvests, traditions and rituals and honor lives of spiritual gurus. Flowers, Fragrance, Foods, Music and Prayer are common to all faiths. All the plugs are pulled out when India celebrates!


Something is made from everything in India! Pottery-black, red and blue; wood soft & hard; cotton, woollen and silk threads, beads, bones, stones & metals. The array of techniques include carving, inlay, weaving, tie-dying, mirror-work, baking & glazing etc. The craftsmen of India have honed their ancient skills incorporating influences from far and wide to develop sheer genius.


The over 5,000 year old cuisine, has as many flavors developed over time as types of soil, climate and waters that deliver a variety of plants, fruits, sea-food and meats. The Yogic traditions classified all foods into Saatvic, Tamasic and Rajasic believing "We are what we eat". In time, as with architecture the influences of Moghuls, Colonials, French, Portugues and Dutch, as well as Indian traders returning from abroad, added complex flavours and techniques that are all now essentially Indian.