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Midnight Blue Georgette; Aariwork


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Aari Work

As these are handmade, please consider that there is a possibility of there being some variance between the image and the product received. 

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An amazingly beautiful kashmiri saree in midnight blue Georgette with blossoms in four varying shades on Yellow all layered in to create the multiple abundant folds of the petals within each blossom. The contrast is set off by a Mauve vine and pale Emerald Green leaves. This piece is ideally suited to wear at work or an evening out. It won't crush or falter in its drape. Always a staple!

Weight0.4 KgsSaree MaterialGeorgette
Saree ColorBlueBlouse AvailableYes
Patticoat AvailableNoBlouse StitchedUnstitched
Aari needlework is practiced in numerous regions such as in Kashmir and Kutch (Gujarat). This work involves a hook, worked from the top but fed by silk thread from below with the material spread out on a frame. It creates loops, and replications of these lead to a line of chain stitches. The fabric is stretched on a frame and stitching is done with a long needle termination with a hook such as a crewel, tambour (a needle similar to a very fine crochet hook but with a sharp point) or Luneville work. The extra hand feeds the thread from the underside, and the hook brings it up, making a chain stitch, but it is much faster than chain stitch done in the usual way: looks like machine-made and can also be embroidered with sequins and beads - which are retained on the right side, and the needle goes inside their holes before falling below, thus locking them to the fabric. This work is popular for its delicate and finest threadwork which improves the quintessence of hand embroidery. Aari work has always been considered one of the most tedious forms of needle work. Today, with the assistance of innovative stitching procedures, and the role of more artisans, it takes reduced time to complete the embroidery work on an outfit.
Mustaani Banjaran - A promoter of traditional Indian heritage and a supporter of the Indian Craftspersons. Mustaani hales from Gurugram Haryana and has roots deep into the Himalayan valley, the desert sands and the coastal plains of incredible India. The driving passion is to reveal the refinement and rich heritage behind the skill and innovation of the Indian Craftspersons who prevail in their pursuit for excellence despite limited financial or infrastructural support. When you buy from Mustaani at CraftsBazaar a contribution is made directly to support Craftspersons.
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All Sarees deserve respectful care and they in turn keep generations of a family looking great. Dry clean or sponge-clean and always remove stains as soon as possible to keep them from setting in. Traditionally all Indian sarees were hand washed in natural detergents found locally in various regions and washed in running clear water. However, the detergents used these days are too harsh and not suitable for use on potential heirlooms. Colours can fade or run. Dry clean only.
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