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Himachal Pradesh-Knitting

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Merry Hand Knitted Woolen Cap or Beanie; Unisex; Free Size

CraftsBazaar carries a wide range of products made by artisans and NGOs to promote sustainability and rural inclusivity. Want something made? Need in Bulk?

Woolen Cap Or Beanies Or Beanie Is Used In Winter To Cover The Head And Ears And To Protect Our Self. These Are Made Of High Quality Wool, Long-Lasting And Comfortable. Style Yourself With This Popular Fashion Accessory For All Age Groups.

Weight0.1 KgsProduct MaterialWool
Peoples of cold regions along the foothills, valleys and altitudes of the Himalayas ned to stay warm an therefore, knitting and weaving wool were the two means to achieve this necessary outcome. It all started with wooden stock used for knitting and pursuant to the making of metal, knitting needles of various thicknesses and length are used. Knitting, weaving, patchwork and embroidery, have all been metaphorical for life itself. Women sang traditional songs when knitting and often in a family or community a blanket is made using separate squares that are knit in various colors individually, and then, sewn together in a patchwork, symbolizing the need for community, coming together and harmony variety. The handmade sweaters, boots, caps and scarves are a necessity and also, very trendy in modern times. Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, to the North-Eastern States, Mizoram, Arunachal, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam and Kullu- Manali, Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh all have bright, colorful knitwear.
Mustaani Represents Small Rural Communities That Cannot Leverage E-Commerce Due To Inadequate Access To Learning Or Technology Infrastructure And Smart Phones. The Products Displayed Are From The Artisans And Mustaani Coordinates The Buyer-Seller Interface For Them.

Mustaani Hails From Gurugram Haryana And Has Roots Deep Into The Himalayan Valley, The Desert Sands And The Coastal Plains Of Incredible India. The Driving Passion Is To Reveal The Refinement And Rich Heritage Behind The Skill And Innovation Of The Indian Crafts persons Who Prevail In Their Pursuit For Excellence Despite Limited Financial Or Infrastructural Support. When You Buy From Mustaani At Craftsbazaar Crafts persons Benefit Directly.
CraftsBazaar delivers globally and assures the use of the best possible transport/courier agencies to deliver your product's. Shipping charges are volumetric and will be mentioned at the time of check out. Products are sourced using a tested process under 48 hours and delivered to you in keeping with your preferences selected at Check-out. Applicable local taxes are applied as per regulations. There are no hidden fees.Please review Terms of Use.
Woollens give warmth and comfort. They are served best by airing out and placing in sunlight as the seasons change to keep mildew from setting in. Strong bright colours should be washed in cold water and always flat dried and not hung out to avoid loosening of fibres and alterations of shape due to the weight of water-laden wool.

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