Chetan Vankar, Gujarat
Kuttchi Embroidery,Bandhani - Tie - Resist - Dyeing,Ajrakh Printing,
I belong to the traditional weaving community of Kutch call Vankars and weaving is in my blood and I carry this tradition of my forefathers with élan. I weave colorful threads on the loom and each product of mine is labor of love and s solitary task which requires my devotion to the loom for days. The womenfolk of my family prepares the wrap yarn and I do the weaving.
Please place your orders or ask any questions at You can get whatever you would like me to make in the size or color you want in about 30 days. We can mutually agree quantities and price.
Our all products are hand woven and hand embroidered,naturally dyed and made of cotton and silk.Product are prepared by traditional technique such as tye and dye,Ajarak printing and Kuttchhi embroidery.

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Name Kantilal Samat
City Kutch
State Gujarat
Country India
ZipCode 370485
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