Ladakhi Crafts, Jammu and Kashmir
Bead Work,
Name: Topgyal

Village: Ladakh

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Far from the madding crowd in the pristine silent and beige-grey valley capped with snowy peaks and stunning turquoise lakes comes the artisan followimg the trodden path of timeless tradition.

What changes? The once available turquoise and coral are now scarce and replaces by colored glass.

What remains yet?

The mesmerizing, stunning pieces of jewellery and accesaries that add hope, joy, abandon and celebration to all who wear and all who wonder as they catch the eye.

Hamara Bharat Mahaan Hai.

Please place your orders or ask any questions at You can get whatever you would like me to make in the size or color you want in about 30 days. We can mutually agree quantities and price.
Originally coral, turquoise, amber and lapis are used to mae this craft, however as these have become expensive, artisans use semi precious gemstones and beads to create our products.

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Name Topgyal L
City Ladakh
State Jammu and Kashmir
Country India
ZipCode 560066
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