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Bright Orange
Bright Orange, Haryana
Bright Orange
One of the major factors that are hindering the empowerment of women in India is economic dependence. Bright Orange works to provide opportunities to women and help them rise. It provides efficient and effective methods to provide employment options to the women living in the rural parts of India. We aim to generate jobs that are productive and have a potential for broader social transformation. By helping women acquire livelihoods with dignity, Bright Orange aims to develop a cadre of empowered women who are likely to bring a positive change in the society. Bright Orange is providing the women entrepreneur in rural Gurgaon an opportunity to grow and broaden their horizon. The apparel or the garment sector has seen a rapid growth in the past years and can be used an excellent catalyst for employment generation. From a social transformation perspective, garment industry generates a large number of jobs for women than any other sector. We, at Bright Orange, are connecting women with the opportunity to earn their livelihood and become economically self-sufficient. Women are being provided skills in embroidery, tailoring and stitching.

Contact Details

Name Seema Sahai
City Gurugram
State Haryana
Country India
ZipCode 122011
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