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Angad Prajapati -Terracotta Art Creations
Angad Prajapati -Terracotta Art Creations, Delhi
Maati ro kaam - terracotta and pottery,
Angad Prajapati -Terracotta Art Creations
Terracotta Was The Only Ceramic Produced By Western And Pre-Columbian People Until The 14Th Century, When European Higher Fired Stoneware Began Production. Terracotta Has Been Used Throughout History For Sculpture And Pottery, As Well As Bricks And Roof Shingles. In Ancient Times, The First Clay Sculptures Were Dried (Baked) In The Sun After Being Formed. Later, They Were Placed In The Ashes Of Open Hearths To Harden, And Finally Kilns Were Used, Similar To Those Used For Pottery Today. However Only After Firing To High Temperature Would It Be Classed As A Ceramic Material.

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Name Angad Prajapati
City New Delhi
State Delhi
Country India
ZipCode 110059
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