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Shalom Self Help Group

Shalom self-help group was started in 2005 to help women who have the full-time responsibility of running a household to earn an income. The objective was to enable these women to strive for some degree of financial freedom to enhance their self-worth and independence within the constraints of their daily routine.

The Todas are a primitive tribal group inhabiting the Nilgiris in Ooty,Tamilnadu.They have developed a distinctive style of intricate embroidery based on calculation or counting. Using white or cream matted fabric as the base, woolen threads in red or black color are used to create bands and other motifs giving it a rich and embossed look. Traditionally white, red and black are the only colours permitted as they symbolise the Toda culture ,where white represents purity and innocence, red stands for youth and black for maturity.

Shalom Self Help Group today works with nearly 1500 artisans.

We are happy to accept any orders for product/s to be commissioned to your requirements. We are also open to large orders and negotiating price on those. Please email us at and the communication via email and SMS will come to us.

Hand made products using Toda Embroidery

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City Ooty
State Tamil Nadu
Country India
ZipCode 643001
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