Sambhawsingh Shyam, Madhya Pradesh
Gond Chitrakala - Tribal Painting,
The distinctive feature of my painting is the use of signature patterns which are balanced and symmetrical such as spiral forms along with trees, leaves, animals and human figures and are painted in several bright colors, the motifs depicts village life and the blending of human figures with rituals and nature. For me everything is sacred and intimately connected to nature and this unique oral narrative tradition of the Gonds is reflected in their paintings as well. My work is rooted in the folk tales and culture of Gonds and thus story-telling is a strong element of my painting.
Please place your orders or ask any questions at You can get whatever you would like me to make in the size or color you want in about 30 days. We can mutually agree quantities and price.
I primarily use acrylic as a medium and canvas and paper as material. I usually make painting using natural colors.

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Name Sambhawsingh Shyam
City Madhya Pradesh
State Madhya Pradesh
Country India
ZipCode 462001
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