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Kala Raksha, Gujarat
Kuttchi Embroidery,Rabari Embroidery,

In 1993, KALA RAKSHA was established as a registered society and trust. Comprising artisans, community members, and experts in the fields of art, design, rural management and museums, KALA RAKSHA today works with nearly 1,000 embroidery artisans of seven ethnic communities.

KALA RAKSHA means "Art Preservation." The Trust aims to preserve traditional arts of the region by making them culturally and economically viable. Trust activities are artisan driven. Without artisans there can be no traditional arts. As far as possible, positions from office managers, to coordinators to tailors are drawn from the immediate local communities. The Trust provides training as needed to make this possible. KALA RAKSHA encourages community members to work together toward the goal of self-sufficiency. Generating income through their traditions, community members can realize their strengths and maintain their identity as they develop.

We are happy to accept any orders for product/s to be commissioned to your requirements. We are also open to large orders and negotiating price on those. Please email us at support@craftsbazaar.com and the communication via email and SMS will come to us.

Contact Details

Name Kala Raksha
City Kutch
State Gujarat
Country India
ZipCode 370 001
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