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Krishna Leela

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Mural Painting

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Krishna Leela Large; Kerala Mural Art or Painting on canvas; 32 X 45 Inches; Chuvarchithram

As these are handmade, please consider that there is a possibility of there being some variance between the image and the product received. If the artisan does not have the product ready it may take upto 1 week to make it for you.

Krishna Tribhangi - Krishna is one of the incarnations of Vedic Supreme God Vishnu or Narayana. Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, Krishna eradicated the evil forces and restored the Dharma and liberated the people from their sufferings. He is dark skinned, most often dark blue, wearing yellow clothing’s, a crown with peacock feather in it, with a flute in his hands near his lips. In this Mural he is seen in his signature pose, relaxing and playing the flute. He is standing with one leg bent in front of the other and raises a flute to his lips, known as Tribhangi Mudra. Tribhangi means having three curves. This traditional Wall Mural from Kerala stands out for its gorgeous Sharpness and evenness. The Colors traditionally used are green for satvic, red and a mixture of red and yellows for the rajasic and black (Shivite) and White (Vaishanavite) for the tamasic deities. The most predominant colour used in Kerala Murals is Saffron-red. Vegetable dyes, fruit juices, minerals and natural material are used for making the paint while brushes are made from the blades of certain type of grass and roots of trees and sharpened bamboo pieces are used to draw the outline.
Weight0.4 KgsHeight32 Inches
Width45 InchesProduct MaterialCanvas
Mural is made using a technique where thousands of tiny dots are used in varied density to shade define and highlight the contours, tones, moods and grandeur of deities. The art was originally a celebration of Hindu Deities but now includes all faiths and holy iconic figures and scenes. In this painting Vishnu, The Preserver, in the Hindu Trinity of deities is glorious in his characteristic marine blue. Poised gracefully upon the naga. Notably even though all the colours are bright and striking, the contrasts have been balanced so well that an aura of joy prevails. One can almost smell the fragrance of the white flowers... white or Shweta varna, in Sanskrit is the colour of purity. He is attended to by Devi devtas whole he rests and symbolize the preservation of good over evil and harmony over disruption.
I Am a Mural Painter from kerala. I used to draw painting on wall but now a days i am making on canvas, paper, metal, wood, bamboo. I use red, yellow, blue, green, black organic color.
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Paintings from the times of the cave men are studies and expressions of human sensibility as it has evolved over the ages. When protected from direct strong light, moisture and rough handling, all paintings last well beyond a few generations. It is important to keep them dust-free and to ensure no moisture seeps through the walls they are placed on. The are a gift for all humanity to enjoy.

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