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Kashidakari - Kashmiri embroidery

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Kashmiri Crepe; Kashidakari Border

As these are handmade, please consider that there is a possibility of there being some variance between the image and the product received. 

A timeless classic Kashmiri Crepe Silk Saree with an exquisit eborder in needlework, kashidakari, of Red, Mustard Yellow and Whitesewn on with the anchor stitch.

Weight0.7 KgsSaree MaterialCrepe
Blouse AvailableNo
Kashidakari is used for woollen kurtas and woollen rugs as well as stoles. It draws inspiration from nature. Birds, blooms and flowers, vines, chinar leaves, ghobi, mangoes, lotus, and trees are the most common themes. The entire design is prepared with one or two embroidery stitches, and mainly chain stitch on a base of silk, wool and cotton: the colour is typically white, off-white or cream but currently one can find stoles and salwar-kameez sets in many other colours such as brown, deep blue, maroon, etc. Kashidakari is primarily done on canvas with crystal threads, but Kashidakari also uses leather and pashmina threads. Apart from clothes, its found on home furnishings similar to bedspreads, sofa, floor cushions, etc. The base cloth, whether wool or cotton, is normally white or cream or a comparable shade. Pastel colours are also frequently used. The craftsmen use shades that blend with the background. Thread colours are motivated by native flowers. Simply one or two stitches are employed on one fabric. Kashmiri embroidery is recognised for the skilful finishing off a single stitch, which is often called the Kashmiri stitch and which may include chain, slanted darn, satin, stem, and herringbone stitch. Sometimes, the knot stitches are used but not more than one or two at a time.
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Mustaani hales from Gurugram Haryana and has roots deep into the Himalayan valley, the desert sands and the coastal plains of incredible India. The driving passion is to reveal the refinement and rich heritage behind the skill and innovation of the Indian Craftspersons who prevail in their pursuit for excellence despite limited financial or infrastructural support. When you buy from Mustaani at CraftsBazaar Craftspersons benefit directly.
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All Sarees deserve respectful care and they in turn keep generations of a family looking great. Dry clean or sponge-clean and always remove stains as soon as possible to keep them from setting in. Traditionally all Indian sarees were hand washed in natural detergents found locally in various regions and washed in running clear water. However, the detergents used these days are too harsh and not suitable for use on potential heirlooms. Colours can fade or run. Dry clean only.
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