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Necklaces & Jewellery Sets

Nothing makes a woman feel more special and unique as jewelry. Its a universal adornment from the beginnings of time.

In India its traditionally been associated with the joys of becoming a bride, a mother, a woman of individuality and grace.

Indian jewels are meant to enrich the experience of life and its celebrations through rituals.

Antique pieces enhance the mystery of your unique personality.

Bangles & Earrings

With the refinement in metal-working techniques and the abundance of semi-precious stones and pearls there's a glittering galaxy of jewels to choose from.

Wear, Shine and Sparkle on.

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Anklets & Rings

"What we buy is fashion.
How we wear it is Style." .

Our Tribal Collections brings you one-of-a kind pieces that have adorned our cultures since the beginnings of Time.

Put the stamp of the special you within your personality by adding just one piece of jewelry before you step-out.

You are Special. Let it show!