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Home Décor
From Time Immemorial its known that Cave men decorated their caves with paintings and adorned themselves with jewelry made of bones, feathers and bones. The human always looked to Nature's resources not only of survival but also for creating beautiful interiors. Everyone's home is their castle; a personal universe. Our collection presents the rich legacy of Indian crafts and arts to adorn your home.
Vintage Furniture
What is there to appreciate if not beauty? Why is it that every article of furniture that has a use cannot be exquisite and made with the finest craft? What machines can make the turns, curves and engraved motifs and inlay work that human hands can? The revelation is simple.
Beauty lives within the human mind and springs forth in expression in the form of design, form and structure in everyday furniture. Jhoolas, Modas, Altars, etc delicately adorned with motifs of Nature's abundance, floral and cosmic are a craftsman's labour of love. Our collection is a tribute to every dastakaar who toils at his works, stooped over, chisel and hammer in hand to bring us the luxury of unique furniture.
Furnishing and More
The sensuous, luxurious fabrics in silk, velvet or cotton with rich textures in woven and embroidered varieties transform every piece of furniture, drape, carpets or wall-hangings into a piece from a rich heritage. One inhabits one's home in ways physical and metaphysical. Its is one's haven to dwell in, far from the hustle of the world and a zone of tranquil comfort and personal expression. We feature for the discerning home-maker, exquisite, hand-crafted, delicately embroidered furnishing that factories cannot make. Experience the India that connects you to Indian roots. Feel the grace of gifted craftsmen in every product.
Dining and Hospitality
India. The land where, "Athithi Devo Bhava." is a way of life. Its widely known that even the poorest Indian hut will welcome a stranger to offer water, share their often meagre food and give shelter from the elements. Utensils of brass, copper, alloys were specially made to suit a range of purposes from daily meals and feasts to festive occasions. The belief was that we eat with our five senses and the containers of food had to be of substances best suited to the properties of food. Feast as our ancestors did!