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Elephant Trump

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Leather Puppets,Lampshades

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Elephant & Flowers; Leather Lamp Shades

The light fittings are suited to 220V and would need adaptors and suitable electrical adjustments for 110V.

This is a beautiful leather lamp hand painted by Artisans of Andra Pradesh and is well-known as Charam Chitrakaari. This Leather Lampshade can be kept on floor or on a table top. It creates a romantic and sensuous atmosphere with this lampshade. It is an attractive gift for all occasions. This lampshade is decorated with multicolored floral design and decorated dancing elephant.

Weight0.4 KgsHeight16 Inches
Product MaterialLeather
Leather puppets of Andhra are made from translucent goat skin are painted in bright colors and perforations are added and are used as shadow puppets. Vijayanagara rulers in 16th century were the main patrons of the leather puppet theatre or Tolubommalata and have since become a part of a cultural heritage. The artisans originally from Maharashtra migrated to Andhra Pradesh f during the Maratha rule and were working as fishermen and farmers. The popular themes were episodes form the epics from of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The puppetry show commences with the entry of Ganesha puppet whose blessings are sought for a smooth performance. The chariots and horses and jokers are introduced for an effective performance besides the main characters. A thin white cloth measuring 12 x 9 feet lit from the back with a bulb or oil lamp functions as a screen Both sides of the puppet which range from 3 to 6 feet are painted to enhance projection of the figure.
I Am From Andhra Pradesh And I Make Leather Crafts Which Includes Lamp Shade, Puppets, Wall Hanging And With The Gradual Decline Of Leather Puppetry, I Have Diversified My Artistry And Began Crafting Other Leather Artifacts Too. Skin Of Goats And Sheep Serves As The Main Raw Material And The Skin Is Soaked In Lime Water For About 10-15 Days And Then Cleaned With A Knife. Vegetable Dye Is Then Used For Dyeing Which Imparts A Light Brown Color To The Leather And Are Decorated With By Rendering Beautiful Designs These Pretty Puppets. Lampshades Require Creation Of Moulds Over Which The Leather Is Stitched And Mythological Figures Are Drawn On Them With The Help Of Pencils Are Finally Painted With Vivid Colors Which Impart An Elegant And Gorgeous Look.We Are Happy To Accept Any Orders For Product/S To Be Commissioned To Your Requirements.
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Paintings are the soul of a home and need care. Please dust-off with a dry duster or light fabric and avoid moisture or direct exposure to the elements, such as, sun and rain to enjoy these works over generations. Each can be framed in card-board, photo-frames, wood or mixed media or simply hung as is to retain the earthy-look and feel.
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