• Violet Floral Hair Clip - Leather
  • Flowery Hair Clip -Leather
  • Black Maheshwari Silk Saree With Orange Bord
  • Muticolor Ladakhi belts made from beads
  • Black Satin Clutch; Beadwork
  • Kuttchi Silk & Leather Bag; Yellow n Green
  • Red & Black Hand Bag; Aari Work
  • Navy Blue Pouch; Aari Work
  • Grey Raw Silk; Aariwork
  • Crepe Silk Sarees with Borders
  • Black Net Saree; Gold and Red Embroidery;
  • Kuttchi embroidered Bag; Multi Colored
  • Out of stock
    Beige Raw Silk Clutch; Zardozi
  • Benrasi Silk Clutch; Red and Gold
  • Black and Copper; Bustier Choli
  • Maroon Satin Clutch; Beadwork
  • Black Georgette Kurti
  • Peacock Blue Paithani; Parrot Green Border
  • Purple Georgette Skirt
  • Pink Embroidery Kurti; Zardozi
  • Cream Georgette Saree; Embroidered Border
  • Green and Gold Choli
  • Rust Kurti; Gota Patti
  • Red Back Pack With Patch Work
  • Green Floral Print Leather Juttis
  • Out of stock
    Brown Hand Stitched Leather Juttis
  • Blue Hand Stitched Leather Juttis
  • Sambalpuri Silk Saree; Yellow and Purple
  • Shimmering Emerald Green Crepe Silk Saree
  • Strappy Top; Emerald Green
  • Pink Sink Sarong; Beach or Cocktail!
  • Sling Bag;Pink;Suede
Delighted Customers
Shawls, Stoles,Scarves
Shawls offer the warmth of the maternal instinct. Just reaching for one comforts a woman in anticipation of its wearing. From the luxuriously soft and feather-like weightless, Kashmiri Pashmina, to plush, dense and cozy Kullu wool, the shawls come ironically from wool sourced from the coldest regions of India. The splendor and elegance these lend as an accompaniment make these a choice accessory. Kaani, Sozni, Tilla, Durukh, Kashidakari, Jaamas..Browse, gaze and feel the intricate workmanship and this fine tradition of capturing life's seasons on the single fine point of the artisans needle. Find your heirloom pieces in this exuberant collection...
The saree
The Saree has its origins going as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization, 2800-1800 B.C. 
It captivates with charm to enhance the enigma of the Indian woman. Draped in a myriad unique ways, it carries with it the graceful folds of an ancient civilization. Each holds in its weaves motifs illustrating the harmony of Indians with Nature. Painthanis, Benarasis, Maheshwaris, Ghar-cholas, Sambhalpuris, Kanjeevarams… varieties from every corner, speak of the generations of devotion to skill and tradition that enable them to lend poise and grace to every woman.
Follow your heart and it will lead you to the next exotically beautiful saree waiting for you!
Dresses and jackets
Traditional never goes out of Style. The flairs and flows of the near-liquid mesmerizing skirts and dresses of Bharat have found new expression in the melting-pot of urban India.
The swirls and swathes of gorgeous fabrics laced with silver, gold or plain pipings and embellished to a hint of Chikankaari work or the great extravaganza of zaardozi, offer-up a mood to dress the whimsical, illusive privilege of being a woman.
Only the romantic or the savvy will find what they seek, for their many moods in this collection. Meant to suit women!
When in doubt- accessories. There's always a reason and its always in season! A delicately-poised pendent, exotic or rustic ear-pieces, hair-ornaments, belts and jootis, each and all lift the spirit and express the inherent complexity in the many layers than form the fabric of personal style. Choose from a range of crafts to create your magic with the abundant array of infinite variety.
Mix and Match to create magic and rejoice in the simple pleasure of celebrating yourself. Make your Statement; Be Yourself.