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Our Vision
To effectively leverage the power and increased adoption of cutting-edge technologies like the internet, cell-phones and mobile banking, to build a value-generating ecosystem and an invested community, to enable exponential growth at grass-roots for artisan communities that primarily inhabit rural regions. CraftsBazaar will onboard every artisan anywhere!
Our Mission
CraftsBazaar will be the first choice of consumers for buying fabulous, handmade, one-of-a-kind products from Home and Living to Apparel, Arts and Vintage. It will generate demand and resulting wealth that will create means for Better Earnings for the Arts and Crafts Communities; Improved Living Conditions; Access to Safety, Education and Healthcare.
CraftsBazaar in The News
'We Want to Connect India to Indians'
Bangaluru-based Craftsbazaar connects rural artisans from almost every state with the urban and global consumer..
Ecommerce startup CraftsBazaar connects..
As a social impact venture, this online marketplace supports the rural artisan sector through a strong supply chain and marketing focus..
CraftsBazaar: Leveraging Technology to Drive Rural..
Unique,culturally rich and diversely exotic, 71-year-young India continues to cherish its epithet of being ‘incredible’. While much of our lifestyle is accoutered with technologies like AI..
E-biz reaches out to rural artisans
Patiala based Arun Kumar Bajaj never knew his paintings made out of thread will cath the attention of e-retailor.He has sold his paintings across india through exhibitions.But now..
Patronise Your Own CraftsBazaar
Where we come from, our personal experiences and the collective unconscious, all play a part in determining the paths we choose and pursuits we make our own. Like so many..
CraftsBazaar -- connecting the rural artisan to a global..
India should be proud of its rich tapestry of heritage crafts and highly skilled artisans. But thousands of rural artisans across the country struggle to market their products..
CraftsBazaar-Bringing the Mela to Your Door
Promoter of Direct Sourcing and Fair Trade; Champion for Gender equality. Passionate believer in the untapped potential of the rural masses and the associated oppertunity for global..
In The Melting Pot
Not so long ago in the collective historical memory of the worlds carlographers and sea-faring journey men, columbus set out to find the land of spices and untold riches.
CraftsBazaar takes india's heritage legacy to consumers
India has a rich tapestry of heritage crafts and highly skilled artisans spread across the country who are capable custodians of this ethos. Craftsbazaar is an online platform that connects..
Connecting Ancient Art To Modern Marketing
Aparna Challu is a technology-evangelist , passionate about bringing together teams and communities to unleash untapped rural potential exponentially. In an era of mobility solutions..

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