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Bandhani- The Ties of Tradition
Offered Direct by Artisan Communities
Bandhej or Bandhani, literally means a bond, is the technique perfected by the Desert tribes of Rajasthan and Gujarat where the fabric is gathered into small, pinched-up circles, in rows and then tied tightly, with thread using a swift, circular motion till none of the pinched-up fabric is visible. These ties run along the length of the fabric and are of varied sizes. In a series of separate actions, the fabric is dyed, in a manner that allows for different and contrasting colors to be used. When the threads are removed and the fabric stretched back to normal, marvelous, colorful, patterns emerge.
Men, Women and Children, wear Turbans, Sarees, Skirts, Kurtas, in a myriad of colorful combinations. Come experience the joy of celebrations as you browse through the collections below.
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Featured Product: The Bundh Gala

Featured Category: For Kids
Children are blessings that enrich our lives and inspire us to make the world a better place. We look to environmentally friendly products, sustainable and creative means of production, living better lives by giving back to communities. What better way than introducing your kids to the qualities they inspire in us? Start ‘em Young. Engage them with Communities and Culture. Books, Toys, Clothes, Musical Instruments, Gifts for their buddies..Check it out!

Featured Artisan - Sambhu
I work to present beautiful handcrafted leather handbags and other accessories which are available in wide range of colours ,patterns and sizes with traditional motifs from the Shantniketan region of West Bengal and these products depict the rich cultural heritage and workmanship of our state.
Please place your orders or ask any questions at support@craftsbazaar.com. You can get whatever you would like me to make in the size or color you want in about 30 days. We can mutually agree quantities and price.
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Featured NGO - Urvee
Urvee is a team of enviro-friendly enthusiasts with a mission to give back to the Earth, what it gave us, over so many generations.
We've called ourselves Urvee because it encapsulates what we stand for in our commitment to invest our time and resources. Efforts that in some small way could make the world a better place to live in.” The products include all utility items such as Keep-sake Boxes, Gift Boxes, Photo-frames, Bags for Gifts and so on. All materials used are make from handmade paper or recycled materials.
Please feel free to place orders for Social or Corporate Gifts and we will be delighted to be of service to the community. In buying from us you too will directly contribute to our mission to help society.

Featured Promoter - Mustaani Banjaran
Mustaani represents small rural communities that cannot leverage e-commerce due to inadequate access to learning or technology infrastructure and smart phones. The products displayed are from the artisans and Mustaani coordinates the Buyer-Seller interface for them.
Mustaani hales from Gurugram Haryana and has roots deep into the Himalayan valley, the desert sands and the coastal plains of incredible India. The driving passion is to reveal the refinement and rich heritage behind the skill and innovation of the Indian Craftspersons who prevail in their pursuit for excellence despite limited financial or infrastructural support. When you buy from Mustaani at CraftsBazaar Craftspersons benefit directly.
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