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  • Sanganeri Block Printed Tablemats and Napkin
  • Silver Coated Bowl Set With Spoons & Tray
  • Kettle; Aluminium
  • Leather Hip Flask ; Brown
  • Cotton Embroidery Curtain Panels & Drapes; M
  • Green Grass Hand made Snack Bowls
  • Brass Vintage Jewwellery Box
  • Pink Designer Georgette Embroidered Kurti
  • Red Quilted Silk Gujarati Jacket
  • Red Woollen Knitted Cap
  • Blue Woolen Kashmiri Pheran:Aari Embroidery
  • Luxurious Red Jamawar
  • Embroidered Black Kutchi Woolen Shawl
  • Red, White, Yellow and Blue Choli Gujarat.
  • Brown Designer Georgette Embroidered Jacket
  • Chanderi Green & Red Cotton Saree
  • Brown Maheshwari Cotton Saree; Cotton
  • Chanderi Violet Cotton Silk Saree
  • Maheshwari Orange Cotton Silk Saree
  • Beige Net Saree; Zari Border
  • Brilliant Orange Net Saree
  • Lime Green Net Saree; Gold Motifs
  • Black Maheshwari Cotton Saree; Cotton
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • 6 Triangle Shaped Pendant Necklace; Silver
  • Semi-Precious Quartz Necklace; Brass
  • 7 Square Shaped Pendant Necklace; Silver
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • 5 Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace; Silver
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas
  • Oil on Paper Medium Vertical Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Paintin
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Seated Ganesha Brass and Ladakhi Stonework
  • Luxurious Red Jamawar
  • Bronze Lakshmi- Vishnu Statue
  • Kashmiri Silk Carpets;4X6
  • Kashmiri Silk Carpet; Black, Red n Gold
  • Original Vintage Red 1949 Ford Prefect
  • Antique Jamawar; Verdant Green
  • Seated Buddha Brass and Ladakhi Stonework
  • Haldi - Chandan Handmade Soap
  • Nag Champa Attar Perfume (10 ML)
  • Alchohol and paraben free mist.
  • Natural Veda Ideal family combo: 500 gm
  • Herbal skin cream & soap combo: 500 gm
  • Leather Hip Flask ; Mulitcolor
  • Tikuli art; tea coaster
  • Brown Laptop Backpack Bag; Leather
  • Silver Coated Bowl Set With Spoons & Tray
  • Silver Coated Brass Wine Goblets
  • Silver And Gold Coated Cup & Saucer Set
  • Set of Heart Shaped Red Mosaic Inlay Work Je

Featured Category: Gifts
It’s the Season of Giving. Choose Gifts for Family, Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues…Your gifts will be delivered gift-wrapped globally. Large orders can be placed at great value….and you get to potentially change the outlook for a whole village and community! How priceless is that?
  • Kettle; Aluminium
  • Tissue Stand; Wood
  • Greeting Cards Set of 8; Paper
  • Designer Aari Work Leather Handbag;Maroon
  • Trendy White Nehru Jacket; Jute Cotton
  • Dark Brown Gujarati Mashru Silk stole
  • Musical Instrument; Red Drum
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Multicolor moti, Kundan stones; Necklace
    Sold Out
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Paint
  • Colorful Lion; Painting using thread
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas

Featured Product: Jackets
  • Blue Ladies Woollen Nehru Jacket; Aari Wo
  • Blue Ladies Woollen Nehru Jacket; Aari Wo
  • Green Ladies Woollen Nehru Jacket; Aari W
  • Black Ladies Woollen Nehru Jacket; Aari W

Pashmina Shawls: For Her & Him
Offered Direct by Artisan Communities
The Pashmina Shawl, woven from wool of mountain sheep, has traditionally been the most prized of all possessions in the bridal trousseau! These shawls have a variety in terms of embroidery style and technique with different kinds of needles being used to create magnificent designs, depending on the base fabric and the thread used.
The thicker the wool or fabric, the thicker the thread to embroider with and therefore, the thicker the needle that works the thread, in and out and round about often times!! It’s a skill that takes a life time of learning. Heads bent down, hunched-over backs, ceaseless strife for perfection..eye, needle, thread and fabric, all in hand, carry this beautiful force of tradition and rich heritage. Shop online to gain direct access to these blessed craftsmen. Go to the source.
Buy Direct, Cheaper, Better!
  • Sozni Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;G
  • Sozni Embroidered Semi Pashmina Shawl;Gre
  • Sozni Embroidered Pashmina Shawl;Turquois
  • Sozni Embroidered Gents Pashmina Shawl;Cr
  • Sozni Embroidered Gents Pashmina Shawl;Be
  • Aari Embroidered Gents Pashmina Shawl;Yel
  • Sozni Embroidered Semi Pashmina Shawl;Bla
  • Sozni Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;B
  • Sozni Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;G
  • "Sozni Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;G
  • Sozni Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;G
  • Aari Embroidered Ladies Pashmina Shawl;Ye

Featured Artisan - Vinay Vijay
Grab premium and handcrafted designer leather accessories and be a part of the world which is unknown yet has always been there.
If you are a fan of quality and luxury, Vinay And Vijay is here to satisfy all your demands. Exclusively crafted in genuine leather wine caddy, box clutch, mason jar, I Phone snap on, leather journal, hip flask, ashtray, bow tie, card case, passport holder, mobile pouches, travel case, mouse pad, Mac Book case.
Please feel free to place orders for Social or Corporate Gifts and we will be delighted to be of service to the community. In buying from us you too will directly contribute to our mission to help society.
  • Leather Wrapped Mason Jar ; Brown
  • Leather Hip Flask ; Brown
  • Leather visiting Card Case;Brown
  • Leather Mac Book Case;Brown&Grey

Featured Artisan - Sunita Patil
The Hues of Soul- Dr.Sunitha’s works are inspired from the Jathrai (Carnival) which happens once in a year near the Banshankari temple, in Badami. People in and around Karnataka and other parts of the country, especially from Rajasthan that are Devi devotees gather to enjoy this month long carnival. Materials for households, Decorative Objects and Raw Materials For Agriculture Are Available In The Jathrai. Even though this tradition is still followed in villages it has reduced in recent times. Most of her compositions are in red and blue hues. She paints Turmeric in Cadmium and Yellow Ochre, Kuma in deep red and Vibhuthi in hexagonal prism shapes in white, blue, yellow and red. Heaps of these objects are in a triangular composition against a red background. She uses acrylic using the Impasto technique on canvas.
She is happy to paint for you in preferred sizes. Please place your orders at
Buy Direct, Cheaper, Better!
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas

Featured Promoter - Mustaani Banjaran
Mustaani represents small rural communities that cannot leverage e-commerce due to inadequate access to learning or technology infrastructure and smart phones. The products displayed are from the artisans and Mustaani coordinates the Buyer-Seller interface for them.
Mustaani hales from Gurugram Haryana and has roots deep into the Himalayan valley, the desert sands and the coastal plains of incredible India. The driving passion is to reveal the refinement and rich heritage behind the skill and innovation of the Indian Craftspersons who prevail in their pursuit for excellence despite limited financial or infrastructural support. When you buy from Mustaani at CraftsBazaar Craftspersons benefit directly.
Buy Direct, Cheaper, Better!
  • Black Floral Georgette Wrap-around Blouse
  • Pink Sink Sarong; Beach or Cocktail!
  • Cotton Top; Floral
  • Cotton Top; Green
  • Cotton Boys Dhoti Angrakha; Red
  • Ganesh Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Embroidered Lumbani Saree; Yellow n Black
  • Handmade Book Marks
  • Ganesha wall hangings; Brass
  • Sea Horse; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Deep Navy Blue with Starry Florals

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