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Featured Craft - Tamil Nadu Wood Works
Offered Direct by Artisan Communities
Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, has fine examples of the pinnacle of architecture and carving, in its ancient temples at Mahabalipuram and Tanjavur, to name just two. The carving in particular, in stone and wood, are hallmarks of great skill and expertise. This ancient craft and the living tradition that it communicates, flows into the present in a continuum.
The figurines are iconic. These have evolved, as has India, from being Deities worshiped by the Hindus of the land, to including angels, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Buddha and Saints of various faiths in a uniquely plural, Indian context.
There are gorgeous peacocks and carved brackets with birds & Yalis, a mythological creature, part-lion, elephant and tiger, symbols of power. Then, there are the Statuesque pillars! These transform a home instantly into a heritage space.
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  • Ganesh Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Buddha Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Jesus; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Buddha Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Peacock; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Angel; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Ganesh Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Saraswati Wooden Idol

Featured Product:The Maheshwari Saree
  • Aaima
    Blue Color &Orange border: Maheshwari Sar
  • Ada
    Green Color: Maheshwari Saree
  • Namrata
    Black Color: Maheshwari Saree
  • Aafiya
    Black Color & orange border: Maheshwari S

  • Black Maheshwari Silk Saree With Jamuni
  • Black Maheshwari Silk Saree With Blue Bor
  • Red Maheshwari Silk Saree With Yellow Bo
  • Blue Maheshwari Silk Saree With Golden B

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The ancient science and healing of Ayurveda uses natural herbs and extracts for treatments for every malady known to mankind. Various scientific studies claim Herbal products are among the most effective and easily absorbed. In these times when the atmospheric layer is starting to deplete and pollution poses a significant health risk natural products are skin-friendly and preferred.
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Come join our humble team. We live consumed by the passion to do what we can to promote India's heritage and its millions of craftspersons, who offer that which humanity and civilizations are finally known by, ie, the arts and crafts on the best online marketplace. We started small, walking away from professional pursuits to follow the beats of our hearts and the calling of our souls. CraftsBazaar works towards preserving, promoting and marketing Indian Heritage and adds bit by bit to offer all ethic products at a one stop shop on the best online marketplace . Buy and encourage all your friends to buy and gift Sarees, Traditional Wedding Sarees or Kanchivaram Sarees, Designer Sarees , Jewellery, Accessories, Palazzos, Art Objects, Home Decor, Paintings, Antiques, Kashmiri Shawls, Hand-embroidered Linen and Vintage Products.
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