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  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Single Bedspread
  • Hand Painted Egyptian Woman Lamp;
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Wall Plate
  • Mother Child Statue; Brass
  • Hand made Snack Bowls
  • Wine Glass set of Eight; White Metal
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Vase; Blue & Green
    Sold Out
  • Beaded Runner Set; Red and Black
  • Jaipuri Summer Dress; Purple
  • Black Satin Offsholder Dress
  • Red and Gold Bridal Bustier
  • Pink and Gold Chanderi Anarkali
  • Colorful strapy woman sandals
  • Brown Handbag; Aari Work
  • Leather Mojari; Men
  • Black Net Saree; Blue Parsi Embroidery
  • Black Georgette; Aariwork Border
  • Crepe Silk Sarees with Borders
  • Black Net; Parsi Embroidery
  • Beige Net Saree; Zari Border
  • Brilliant Orange Net Saree
  • Lime Green Net Saree; Gold Motifs
  • Violet and Orange; Maheshwari Saree
    Sold Out
  • Golden & Red Necklace Set; Terracotta
  • Drak Blue Neckpiece; Turquoise Stone
  • Metal and Stone Bracelets
  • wedding and festive time. They can also wear
  • Crimson Dewdrop Neckpiece; Silver
  • Jewelry Set With Multicoloured Stone; Silver
  • Brass coins in thread; Tribal
  • Stones & beads Bracelets; White Metal
  • Acrylic Color on Canvas
  • Oil on Paper Medium Vertical Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Oil Color on Canvas Large Horizontal Painting
  • Bronze Lakshmi- Vishnu Statue
  • Antique Panch-dhatu Shivalinga
  • Garuda; Panchdhatu
  • Bronze Ganesha Statue
  • Ornate Colonial Dresser; Wood
  • Pair of Yalis; Tamil Nadu Woodcraft
  • Heirloom Pashmina Jamavaar; A La Parisian
  • Bajra Cookies:80 Gms; Diabetic Food
  • Sesame Bar : 100 Gms
  • Quinoa Chips Chilli Tomato; 60 Gmss
  • Black Chia Seeds: 250 Gms
  • Dry Wood Ear;1000 Gms
  • Dried Apple;1000Gms
  • Black Rice;1000 Gms
  • Haldi - Chandan Handmade Soap
  • Nag Champa Attar Perfume (10 ML)
  • Alchohol and paraben free mist.
  • Natural Veda Ideal family combo: 500 gm
  • Herbal skin cream & soap combo: 500 gm
  • Leather Hip Flask ; Mulitcolor
  • Tikuli art; tea coaster
  • Silver Coated Double Duck Shaped Brass Bowl
  • Silver Coated Bowl Set With Spoons & Tray
  • Silver Coated Brass Wine Goblets
  • Silver And Gold Coated Cup & Saucer Set
  • Set of Heart Shaped Red Mosaic Inlay Work Je

Featured Craft - Petit Point
Offered Direct by Artisan Communities
As the name suggests, this craft is of French-origin and has become a fine addition to the Indian repertoire. Petit point or quite literally, small point, has the fine needlework associated with fabulous European Linen and tapestries due to the ability to use tiny stitches that come together to create complex patterns.
The craft is labour-intensive, requires a great deal of creativity quite like that of a miniature painting and the execution has to be flawless to deliver the expected fine results. The craftsperson applies great detail to every piece, to create the natural depth and multi-dimentional aspect; various hues of every shade used are deployed in a highly effective manner.
It requires monastic dedication and a lifetime in pursuit of excellence. Enjoy this exclusive collection of Petit Point!
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  • Red, Blue & Purple Floral Design Cushions
  • Marvelous Set of 6 Mats.
  • Set of 6 Embroidered Napkins; Reds
  • Petit Point Peacock Runner
  • Table cover Set; 8 Mats, 8 Napkins
  • Petit-Point Double Bed Spread
  • Set of 7 Floral Scalloped Napkins.

Featured Product:Jewels from Jaipur
  • Semi-Precious Quartz Necklace
  • Tribal Necklace; Brass
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Multicoloured Stone Bracelet; German Silv

  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Tribal Necklace; Brass
  • 5 Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Diamond Shaped Necklace; German Silver
  • 7 Square Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • Tribal Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • Semi-Precious Quartz Necklace

Featured Category
Home & Living
From Time Immemorial its known that Cave men decorated their caves with paintings and adorned themselves with jewelry made of bones, feathers and bones. The human always looked to Nature's resources not only of survival but also for creating beautiful interiors. Everyone's home is their castle; a personal universe. Our collection presents the rich legacy of Indian crafts and arts to adorn your home.
  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Double Bedspread
  • Black n Red Lambani Tribal Cushion Covers
  • Silken Chain Stitch Rug; Kashmiri
  • Red Lambani Tribal Cushion Covers; Pair
  • Silken Chain Stitch Rug; Kashmiri
  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Single Bedspread
  • Kashmiri Silken Chain Stitch Woollen Rug
  • Beige Lambani Tribal Cushion Covers
  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Single Bedspread
  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Double Bedspread
  • Grandeur in Mirrorwork; Single Bedspread
  • Woollen Chain Stitch Rug; Kashmiri

Featured Artisan - Vinod Bhatt
Vinod Bhatt comes from the outskirts of Jaipur in Rajasthan, one of the largest states of India. His family come from the Toy and Puppet-making Village where all are born into the craft of handmade and widely used colorful toys and puppets. Naturally, they are also professional puppeteers and can hold small an large crowds in thrall. He works closely with rural men and women to help all earn a decent livelihood by making toys by hand using natural, bio-degradable materials and fabric and wool ends left after garments and woolens are made. His range include toys, puppets and musical instruments made by the women and children from the villages surrounding the City of Jaipur.
Choose something for a child or the child within you. Gift yourself and in doing so incidentally feel good about the proceeds going to a hard-working, talented, and proud community and their ancient craft.
Buy Direct, Cheaper, Better!
  • Hand-painted Flute
  • Hand Drum for Kids; Orange
  • Handpainted Wooden Elephant Set; Blue
  • Handpainted Wooden Elephant Set; Yellow
  • Handmade Cloth Puppet Couple; Jaipur
  • Handmade Elephant; Wool
  • Handmade Elephant; Wool
  • Handmade Camel; Wool

Featured NGO - GiftAbled
Giftabled is a social enterprise which works closely with People with Disability. Their aim is to create opportunities and transform the lives of People with Disability. GiftAbled have a wide range of products with emphasis on positive and simple humane values, which you can purchase with a feeling of doing good. Each product is beautifully handcrafted by artisans with disability in premium quality which meets the core motive to empower all to live a life with dignity.
The collection of handcrafted items are stylish yet cater to all category of people. There are a range of diaries, sketch-books, Pencil-holders and ideally suited Gift-items.
Easy on the pocket on an big on feel-good factor! You can join us to celebrate success and help them earn a livelihood with dignity and self-esteem. Go on…let your spirit free!
  • Printed Journals ; Small
  • Riverweed Bobbin Multipurpose Red Box ; W
  • Animal Cut Sketchbooks ; Multicolor
  • Rubber Wood Book Stand ; Brown
  • Rubber Wood Pen Cum Card Holder; Brown
  • Big Paper Bowl ; Multicolor
  • Wall Hanging Key Holder ; Brown
  • Sunken Glowing Candle ; Diwali

Featured Promoter - Mustaani Banjaran
Mustaani represents small rural communities that cannot leverage e-commerce due to inadequate access to learning or technology infrastructure and smart phones. The products displayed are from the artisans and Mustaani coordinates the Buyer-Seller interface for them.
Mustaani hales from Gurugram Haryana and has roots deep into the Himalayan valley, the desert sands and the coastal plains of incredible India. The driving passion is to reveal the refinement and rich heritage behind the skill and innovation of the Indian Craftspersons who prevail in their pursuit for excellence despite limited financial or infrastructural support. When you buy from Mustaani at CraftsBazaar Craftspersons benefit directly.
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  • Black Floral Georgette Wrap-around Blouse
  • Pink Sink Sarong; Beach or Cocktail!
  • Cotton Top; Floral
  • Cotton Top; Safari
  • Cotton Boys Dhoti Angrakha; Red
  • Ganesh Statue; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Embroidered Lumbani Saree; Yellow n Black
  • Handmade Book Marks
  • Ganesha wall hangings; Brass
  • Peacock; Tamil Nadu Wood Craft
  • Deep Navy Blue with Starry Florals

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