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Featured Craft - The Eternal Lambani Tribal Craft
Offered Direct by Artisan Communities
The Lambanis, Nomadic wandering tribes of India, that migrated from the North West downwards to Northern Karnataka and regions along the way, communicate their origins and unique customs in their needlework.
Traditionally, the highlights of Lambani embroidery are the use of tiny or large runs and square mirrors, fine tattoo-like motifs of flowers or geometric patterns and a preference for bold colours and contrasting hues.
This selection includes exclusive sarees, stoles and linens. Only the finest is at hand!
Only the finest is at hand!
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Featured Product:Jewels from Jaipur
  • Panchmi
    Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Laxsmi
    Semi-Precious Quartz Necklace
  • Sapth Sundari
    Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Gehna
    Multicoloured Stone Bracelet; German Silv

  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Tribal Necklace; Brass
  • 5 Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • Tribal Necklace; German Silver
  • Diamond Shaped Necklace; German Silver
  • 7 Square Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • Tribal Coin Shaped Pendant Necklace
  • 6 Triangle Shaped Pendant Necklace

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Home & Living
From Time Immemorial its known that Cave men decorated their caves with paintings and adorned themselves with jewelry made of bones, feathers and bones. The human always looked to Nature's resources not only of survival but also for creating beautiful interiors. Everyone's home is their castle; a personal universe. Our collection presents the rich legacy of Indian crafts and arts to adorn your home.

Meet The Artisans
  • K. Shreenivasulu
    Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Pradesh Leather Craft

  • Neeraj Mohar - Katkaria Creation
    Uttar Pradesh

    Handmade Decorative Marble Articles

  • Maryam Silk Emporium
    Uttar Pradesh

    Handmade Banarasi Sarees

  • Hassanoor Dewan

    Bamboo Craft of Assam

  • Ganesh Sadashiv Chevale
    Madhya Pradesh

    Maheshwari Saree and dress material

  • Aftab Multani
    Uttar Pradesh

    Sheesham wood Jewellery

  • Siddik Lohar

    Metal Bells Of Kutch

  • Malik Brothers
    Jammu and Kashmir

    Specialized in suede leather bags and purses with Aari embroidery

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