Knick Knack Basket

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Hand Braided Basket with Handles ; Water Hyacinth ;Ecofriendly, Natural & Organic
A multi utility basket perfect for carrying your stuff around. It is made of Water hyacinth and is ecofriendly and biodegrable. Water Hyacinth Plants are first selected according to their size and with respect to the final product that has to be made. It is then cut into the desired size and sun dried to reduce the moisture content and these stems are then flattened with the help of bamboo and hammer stone and the rough edges of the stems are knit into the desired designs. Numerous items can be made from these dried stems like lamps, bags, furniture, mirror frames, toys, buckets, dustbins, coasters, laundry basket, paper racks, flower vases, boxes, hats, etc.
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Length(Inches) 17.00
Width(Inches) 12.00
Height(Inches) 10.00
Weight(Kg) 0.79
Color Natural Color
Material Water Hyacinth
Product Care All handmade products, particularly those whose materials are all made from natural fibres should not be soaked in water or exposed to direct sunlight or rain. They are best maintained by dusting off routinely and storing in dry conditions.
Artisan Tktkishkinda
State Karnataka
Craft Water Hyacinth Weaving
Craft Story Water Hyacinth is an invasive plant and one of the fastest growing weed known, and appears as a thick green bed above the water bodies and prevents sunlight to reach the underwater and decreases oxygen and thus kills aquatic plants and destroys the Eco system and is now being converted into and mats, storage baskets, and furniture. The production process is labor intensive and we could make an idle community active and provide them employment and happens in three stages, raw material processing, and product making, and finished good processing. The long stem variety of water hyacinth is used for making baskets and rugs and are collected from water bodies in Kerala and is cleaned and root system and leaves are removed and kept for drying directly under sunlight for Five to 7 days and is then woven into baskets or other products and are then smoked in smoking chamber to kill and protect it from insects.
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