1. December 04, 2019

    Tea with Sugar? Boring. Try Salt instead. Exotic Indian Teas with Spice and Salt.

    Mountain tribes and cultures are distinctly unique and their individualism almost directly proportional to the degree of difficulty in access and communications between the rest of the world and them. The people of the Valley of Jammu and Kashmir, that includes the well-known Kashmir and the comparatively lesser-known-about Ladakh, enjoy a rich variety of cultural legacy owing to the many influences that remained well after the many tides of rulers had ebbed and flowed. Moghul Chai and Sheer Chai offer the flavours of Tea with Salt and Spice. Unique. Must experience. Enjoy.

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  2. December 02, 2019

    Moonj Grass Baskets: Eco-friendly Home and Living Ideas

    Grasslands have fed wild animals, human populations and in general, protected earth from denudation and drought. Their contribution to Nature is plentiful and vital.

    In many rural areas across the world, grass is used to make products like hats, baskets, even various forms of household items for everyday use.

    One such type of grass, in India, is known as Sikki grass and this grows in Mithila, in Bihar. This place has the unique distinction of being the birth-place of Sita, the celebrated and highly venerated wife of King Rama, widely regarded as the epitome of virtuosity and sacrifice .

    Women in this region source, dry and die this grass in a various hues to make products like baskets, table mats, trays, toys, dolls and almost anything that can be of utility or interest! The grass is coiled tight and a needle-like implement called a Takua, makes itself useful, to assist them in giving these creations shape.

    This environmentally-friendly and sustainable

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  3. December 02, 2019

    Bandish Aur Saaz – Jamavaar Kashmir Shawls Online

    Awe-inspiring, stunningly masterful strokes of genius make this Jamavaar in Black, with oversized, elongated paisleys woven in perfectly symmetrical pairs with rich, soft tones of Moss Green, Cream, Orange, Soft …

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  4. December 01, 2019

    Fusion, Fashion and Fads… Tis all ’bout Mix n Match

    It’s all about evolution! Life, times and with those fashions evolve… Runways are over-rated. Style is who you are and how you choose to be. These combinations express the timeless …

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  5. November 28, 2019

    Jaipur Blue Pottery; Flowers from Desert Sands

    Endless miles of pale, hot sands, no leaf or bloom in sight, no spring blossoms nor autumnal fall, yet the soul of the desert people of Rajasthan, in Northern Indian, renders forth in splendidly simple and lyrical form, in uniquely flattering contrasts of colour, an expression of art and craft, in an innovative and uniquely Indian technique, that is revealed to us in the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery.

    I recall being astonished to hear that there’s no clay as is used by potters but a sort of dough that is prepared by combining quartz stone powder from local quarries surrounding Jaipur, Multani Mitti, also known as, Fuller’s Earth, Gum, Borax and of course,a huge splash of water. Once done, the pottery piece is finished-off with a transparent glass glaze. The blue glaze technique was, its widely known, originally developed by Mongol artisans who brought these to India after the Turkish conquests. Rajasthani artisans have over the hundreds of years and generations past, developed thi

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  6. November 28, 2019

    Lumbani Tribal Embroidery

    The Lumbanis, Nomadic wandering tribes of India, that migrated from the North West downwards to Northern Karnataka and regions along the way, communicate their origins and unique customs in their …

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  7. November 27, 2019

    Shringaar Ras; A Celebration of Love

    Sringara Rasa – Informative & researched article on Sringara Rasa from Indianetzone, the largest free encyclopedia on India. In the human cave-days, humankind adorned with bones, feathers, stones, sprigs and …

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  8. November 26, 2019

    Saaki Aur Jaam – Jamavaar

    A Rich Tapestry Of Woven Eternally Gorgeous Jamavaar Shawl With Long Paisleys In Crimson- Wine And Beige-Cream, With Delicious Red’s, Yellow, Pink And Blue Woven In Classic Patterns That Fill

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  9. November 23, 2019

    Shiva and Shakti: Equal & Eternally Beloved

    Shiva and Shakti, the ultimate power-couple, the great combined force, the celebrated husband and wife who married for love, in the face of parental disappointment

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  10. November 21, 2019

    Indian Kurtis: Chic n Classic Flair

    Second only to the Saree, this ubiquitous article of femininity, the Kurti, is quite literally a ladies Summer-dress with the soft addition of a flowing dupatta or light long scarf …

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