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  • Million Stars on Amavasya
    Black Net Saree; Gold and Red Embroidery;
  • Teas of Kashmir
    Sheer Chai; Salt Tea-250gms
  • The Empress Ensemble
    Jaipur Blue Floral Design Dinner Set
  • Gulshan Bahara
    Grey Raw Silk; Aariwork
  • Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lagey
  • Bridal Collection
    Peacock Blue Kanjeevaram
  • Peacocks in Paradise
    Kashmiri Tapestry; Crewel Work.
  • Ghadiyaal
    Antique Colonial Wall Clock
  • The Vasundhara Collection
    Yellow and Onion Pink Kanjeevaram Saree
  • Red Flowering Platter
    Square Shape Clay Platter
  • Lakdi Ka Chamcha
    Set of 8 Handmade Wooden Spoon
  • Antique Glory
    Antique Rabari Embroidery Jacket - Collector

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India. An Ancient Cradle of Civilization. A consciousness, one with the mysteries of the Universe. Its belief systems in harmony with the Natural order in a seamless flow of the Time.

Featured Craft - Blue Pottery
Endless miles of pale, hot sands, no leaf or bloom in sight, no spring blossoms nor autumnal fall, yet the soul of the desert people of Rajasthan, in Northern Indian, renders forth in splendidly simple and lyrical form, in uniquely flattering contrasts of colour, an expression of art and craft, in an innovative and uniquely Indian technique, that is revealed to us in the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery.
One is astonished to hear that there’s no clay as is used by potters but a sort of dough that is prepared by combining quartz stone powder from local quarries surrounding Jaipur, Multani Mitti, also known as, Fuller’s Earth, Gum, Borax and of course,a huge splash of water. Once done, the pottery piece is finished-off with a transparent glass glaze. The blue glaze technique was, its widely known, originally developed by Mongol artisans who brought these to India after the Turkish conquests. Rajasthani artisans have over the hundreds of years and generations past, developed this technique, imbued it with the elegance of style and splendour of craft that is uniquely their own. Matchless.
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Vase; Blue & Green
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Wall Plate
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Vase; Green & Orange
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Vase; Blue & White
  • Set of 2 Jars, Dispenser & Tissue Holder
  • Jaipur Blue Pottery Vase; Green & Orange
  • Blue & Brown Jaipur Floral Dinner Set
  • Blue Floral Jaipur Blue Pottery Snack Bow
  • Geometrical Design Leaf Green Pottery
  • Set of 4 Floral Jaipur Blue Pottery Jars
  • Floral Design Jaipur Blue Pottery Urn
  • Floral Design Jaipur Blue Pottery Jar

Featured Product - Kanjeevaram Sarees
  • The Vasundhara Collection
    Yellow and Onion Pink Kanjeevaram Saree
  • Ecstasy in Silk
    Black and Orange; Kanjeevaram Silk
  • A Gift for the Gods
    Black Kanjeevaram Silk; Zari Border
  • Bridal Collection
    Peacock Blue Kanjeevaram

  • Bridal Collection
    Golden Yellow Kanjeevaram; Zari Border
  • The Vasundhara Collection
    Turquoise Blue and Magenta Kanjeevaram Sa
  • The Vasundhara Collection
    Yellow and Onion Pink Kanjeevaram Saree
  • Ecstasy in Silk
    Black and Orange; Kanjeevaram Silk

Featured Category
Home Decor
From the beginnings of Time, humans decorated their caves with paintings and adorned themselves with Jewellery. The human always looked to Nature's resources not only of survival but also for creating beautiful interiors. Everyone's home is their castle; a personal universe. Our collection presents the rich legacy of Indian crafts and arts to adorn your home.
  • Kashmiri Runner
    Hand Knoted Kashmiri Silk Runner 2X10 Ft
  • Vinayaka
    Hand Carved Brass Ganesha
  • Crimson Ties
    Silken Curtain Tie Backs; Red & Gold
  • Seasons of Life
    Crewel Embroidery; Kashmiri Gabba
  • Songs of Love
    Krishna playing the flute ; Radha entranc
  • Playful Peacock
    Dancing Peacock & Flowers; Leather Lamp S

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Heritage and Traditions can only be celebrated when those who deliver these to us are honoured. CraftsBazaar has a vision for these artisans and craftspeople to be brought into the light of recognition by connecting them directly to Indian and Global customers through the largest range of Indian Online Shopping experience. When you light a candle or a lamp next, take a moment to consider those hands that made them and their aspirations and challenges. Wouldn't that be a light that communicates truly with God and Human in one glow?
Come join our humble team. We live consumed by the passion to do what we can to promote India's heritage and its millions of craftspersons, who offer that which humanity and civilizations are finally known by, ie, the arts and crafts on the best online marketplace. We started small, walking away from professional pursuits to follow the beats of our hearts and the calling of our souls. CraftsBazaar works towards preserving, promoting and marketing Indian Heritage and adds bit by bit to offer all ethic products at a one stop shop on the best online marketplace . Buy and encourage all your friends to buy and gift Sarees, Traditional Wedding Sarees or Kanchivaram Sarees, Designer Sarees or Bollywood Sarees, Jewellery, Accessories, Palazzos, Art Objects, Home Decor, Paintings, Antiques, Kashmiri Shawls, Hand-embroidered Linen and Vintage Products.
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